My wedding hair accessories by Debbie Carlisle

I met Debbie at the Etsy Wedding Pop-up at West Elm, Tottenham Court Road in February this year.

I’d already seen a wedding accessory I liked on her website called Maisie – a trio of large hairpins that mix freshwater pearls with Swarovski crystals mounted in silver, rose gold or gold settings. I wanted to see what the different coloured settings looked like in the flesh and also check the size of the hairpins.

The Maisie hairpins were as per the images on Debbie’s website, in size and colour – the benefit in seeing them was I got to play around with how to add them into my hair to advise my hair stylist on the day. Especially as I wanted a relaxed curl to my usual hair worn down and these hairpins seemed popular with classic updos when I looked for images of them online.

I also only had 2 months until my wedding and as I didnt order at the wedding pop up, I added a note when I ordered via Etsy that I needed my order ASAP. Debbie replied quickly confirming that this was possible and not to worry – a great benefit to shopping small business  – you get personal answer!

Below Debbie describes her small business and also shares tips on wedding planning.

When did you start your business? How did you get into creating wedding items?
I started making wedding accessories in 2009 when I made my own jewellery bouquet and bridal headpiece for my wedding when I couldn’t find any designs that I liked.



Did anything or anyone prompt you to take the plunge into starting your own business?
After making my own wedding accessories I just couldn’t stop coming up with new designs and within months of returning from my honeymoon I had made enough accessories to open a shop on Etsy. Within weeks I had my first big commission and within months what had started as a DIY project and hobby became a full-time business with its own website and customers queuing up to buy my designs from all over the world.



Have you got any tips for making your wedding day special?
I think the key is to think about what’s important to you and your partner. From choosing things like decorations, invitations, clothes and accessories that all represent your own personal style, to deciding where to spend your wedding budget and where not to, if you keep in mind what things really reflect you as a couple then you will have a wedding that is really special and personal to you.

This will hopefully ensure you avoid spending money on things that aren’t necessary to create a day that you and your guests will love.



Do you have any rewarding wedding stories that you have been part of with your Etsy business?
My own! When I opened my Etsy store in 2009 I was just looking for something to do with all the bridal accessories I had made after my wedding. I sold some of my designs immediately and with a month I was given a huge commission by a bride in America who loved my work. After that the orders just kept coming in and I realised that I had not only found a hobby I loved, but that it had also turned into a business!

Just 18 months after opening my Etsy store I quit my day job as a news editor on a busy evening newspaper to run my bridal accessories business full time – and I have never been happier!

I have made wedding accessories for hundreds of brides all over the world – and if it wasn’t for my own wedding none of this would have happened!


Check out Debbie’s instagram feed for amazing, ethereal wedding inspiration.  I can say ordering from Debbie was quick, easy and the hairpins were perfect.

On top of this I am really pleased to support a growing business born from the love of well made, beautiful products.


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  1. indiebeads says:

    the hairpins are beautiful! I need to make them as well!


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