My bespoke wedding artwork by Wilder & Wren

Beth is the artist behind Wilder and Wren, the small business that creates amazing pressed wildflower artwork.

Beth created artwork completely bespoke for my wedding, working with the same types of flowers that made up the floristry on our big day.

I was so in love with Beth’s feed on her instagram (check out her cool peace sign made up of pressed flowers) that I got in touch a few months prior to my wedding to enquire if she could create something unique for me. Beth got right back to me and we chatted over the type of thing I would love to keep, as a reminder of the big day.

Beth created a large piece of photography artwork, 5 smaller versions I gave out to my bridesmaids and parents to commemorate the day and also a card version that I have recently sent to guests to thank them for celebrating with us.

All the prints are marked with our names, date of the wedding and numbered which was a lovely little touch.

As a great example of a creative small business providing really cool art and first class customer service, I asked Beth to share her inspirations and advice in starting a creative business.

Tell me about Wilder and Wren, how it started and what products you offer?
It all happened quite organically, really. I’m a fine arts graduate and have always had an artistic eye, but leaving my job in PR in March 2016 to go on maternity leave and have my son, Wilder seemed to reignite a creative side that I’d not paid attention to for years.

Everything slows down when you have a baby and your world becomes smaller. Ironically this gave me the headspace to think bigger, more creatively again and suddenly all around me on my daily walks in nature was inspiration, and I wanted to touch it and hold it in my hands. To make beautiful things.

I predominantly make pressed wildflower photography prints and my designs tend to be bohemian and hippyish, influenced by contemporary trends such as geometry or alchemical symbols. I named my Etsy shop Wilder & Wren after my son and my sister, Jenny, who photographs my artwork.


Where do you find creative inspiration for your art?
I’m really interested in the meanings behind shapes. I love alchemical symbolism, the stars and planets, astrological signs – and I’m also working on a alphabet series of pressed wildflower letters. Every letter comes with a list of positive adjectives beginning with that letter – so, for example E stands for exceptional, eclectic, edgy, elfin etc but its also great if you know a little girl whose name begins with E!

How has Wilder and Wren evolved since you started and what are its plans for the future?
I started making pressed wildflower artworks on cotton rag paper and selling originals but decided that photography prints showcased the old-fashioned craft of flower pressing in a fresher, more contemporary way. Plus it gives people the opportunity to order runs of cards and prints in different sizes if they want to.

Nursery name art is definitely something I’m keen to expand on – Wilder has a Giclée photography print of his name made of leaves and twigs hanging by his bed!

What advice would you pass on to someone wanting to move their creative hobbie into a business?
Just start making. Thats the first hurdle. I had – still have – so many ideas I haven’t realised and I get so frustrated. Having a baby gives you precious little time to yourself and your endeavours. But the fact that I’ve started Wilder & Wren means the hardest part is over. I just keep looking ahead and chipping away at my ideas.


What do you enjoy doing the most when your not making art?
I love the ritual of walking to a coffee shop for a takeaway cappuccino and walking my boy in nature – down the woodland chine near where I live to the beach.  I’ve just bought him a bike seat so maybe we’ll venture further this summer…

Beth’s passion for all things nature inspired is so infectious, the process from my initial DM to receiving the prints and cards was brilliant to watch come together. I check for updates on her instagram daily, as she has the most lovely feed.  Beth is full of enthusiasm and joy for her work which you really feel when chatting to her.

Check out Beth’s floral inspired work on instagram and on her Etsy shop which has some beautiful vintage book prints, to support a very talented lady and her creative business.

Thank you Beth for such a wonderful keepsake from my wedding day xx


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