DIY, decorating & disasters…

Before we moved to Zone 9, Brixton was our home. This was the start of my decorating obsession. Here are some small space ”before and afters”and disasters…

This was our bathroom that I painted a neutral grey. I spray-painted my ”pugs might fly” from their original silver, to white and added a more interesting mirror than your usual bathroom style.

Still love grey as a paint colour and have recommended this shade to loads of my friends since.

I loved this grey paint so much I carried it through to the small area between the back door and kitchen. There isn’t even a name for this space in a flat this small! See below before and after picture which demonstrates what I mean!

In the living room we had inherited an interesting wallpaper which wasn’t to my taste, so I couldn’t wait to strip. We opted to paint the room a blush-ish neutral to allow the period features to stand out and to be quite plain ready for us to put the flat on the market. It also allowed us to make a feature of the mirror, which remains a favourite purchase.

Check out the other decor items that moved with us to our current house. Goes to show you should always go for what you love NOT what the current trend is.


The other side of the living room…before, during and after.

So then there was the disaster…I snapped the disaster zone the morning after incase my boss thought this was the weirdest excuse to be late into work ever heard….

A leak caused the ceiling to cave in during the night from the flat above. Thankfully it was before we owned Jimmy as it was scary enough for us to be woken up during the night to this let alone a puppy.

After the clean up operation, new down-lighters were put into the ceiling and we took the opportunity to paint the walls.

A few purchases that have moved with us were the sofa from which was a really reasonable price. I don’t think they stock this style anymore but have some even more stylish ones at the moment. Although it’s velvet it copes well with Jim jumping all over it and therefore me forever hovering it. The cushions also have lasted well and still look this new from Graham and Green 


A great find was a preloved chair from a donate-your-unwanted-furniture-and-we-will-sell-it-for-as-much-as-possible kinda shop that we still have and use daily in our current house.


This flat was such a sanctuary in Brixton and was the catalist to much of the inspiration for our current house.

Fav pic of Valentines Feb 2014 above and Christmas time 2013 below …and also one of the kitchen once Jim came along!



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