The End of the Line Garden

Our brixton flat had a garden that was a square of lawn and patio which only just squeezed a small table on. Living in london this was a massive luxury and regardless of the sirens from the south circular (oh and the japanese knotweed!! ) it was the perfect sanctuary

Our new house had to have a garden as we are dog owners but we also were really keen to make our next outdoor space – our own. I strongly believe that your outdoor space regardless of size, should be utilised like another room. Being able to plant a window box has so many benefits from just improving things aesthetically to relaxation and mood enhancing by brightening up your view! It can also add value in terms of selling your property. Find more of my tips in an earlier blog I’ve written

Here are some images of my green-fingered attempts at our old flat in Brixton

So here is what we moved into – May 2015. Check out Jim settling in! The previous owners removed a trampoline that uncovered a mud bath and the rest of it was pretty much a blank canvas.


First we concentrated on improving the grass then we got the borders more defined and added plants and flowers.

This year we have added more planters to the patio and continued to look after the border by adding more all year round colour




If you do find yourself out of your depth or not feeling you’re the green-fingered type then focus on clearing anything overpowering or overgrown and also focus on just getting the grass cut so you can work on getting it green (not as simple as it sounds when you have a dog) and healthy.

Planters, pots and hanging baskets also add cheap injections of colour and all they require is daily wateringimage3Painting your garden furniture can create the illusion of newness. We moved with the table and chairs in the images above and they feature in our new garden in Farrow and Ball Railings. We also painted our garage door and window in the same. The furniture definitely has been given a new lease of life.

Edging the grass makes it look tonnes neater (although it is the last job you want to do after mowing a lawn) it makes it look really finished and neat

Honeysuckle makes a great climber on trellis and is hard to kill.  Roses and Hydrangea’s need looking after year on year but make great features in a flower bed. For seasonal flowers plant daffodil and allium bulbs in October for long overdue February/March colour

Adding lighting is a great way to make outside feel cosy. String varieties of solar lights can be wrapped around tree trunks or along fences which make a real feature when the sun goes down. Here are some examples of what we have along with some orbs in the flower beds;

We have some further plans plus the front garden to complete but it’s a step in the right direction in getting barbeque ready!


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