Dining Room Makeover- Before and After


I was looking forward to decorating the dining room the most once we had moved in…

It’s not massively light but it’s a good size as it is open plan after the previous owners extended out their kitchen. We weren’t initially looking for open plan but now really love it as we spend most of our time between the kitchen and the dining room and it suits Jim to pad around in during the day. The space was therefore important to keep as light as possible due of the lack of the natural stuff and for it to reflect our style.

I already had a few small ideas that I felt our previous flat lacked… to lean our pictures and prints on a rail to allow us to move them around as I hated the lack of flexibility to faff and re-shuffle. I also wanted to make a feature of the lighting.

We set about painting the walls in Dulux Just Walnut and white emulsion for the ceiling to allow for our accessories to add the colour.

                       Here are the before images of the dining room…dinig room beforeIMG_0780IMG_0779IMG_0778

I wanted a make an impact with a pendant or chandelier above our dining table which is old Edwardian oak. Something bling wouldn’t suit the other furniture I had in mind and the overall informal vibe. I love the birdcage chandeliers from Graham and Green, especially as the copper aspects keep it relaxed along with the exposed bulb.


I looked for weeks for some second-hand storage I could paint or up-cycle to sit under the stairs. A console table would be perfect but had to fit the gap plus compliment the exposed brick it would be in front of. A salvaged or rustic look was my ideal and the Rubricks chest from Swoon Editions was perfect.


I ordered some Eames-inspired chairs online from my-furniture.com that again suit our relaxed theme – and bought 2 with copper legs to mix between the white and oak legged ones. They also look great with a sheepskin thrown over. Mine are grey/cream flecked ones from cowboykate.com. and I’m in love with how great they look and feel.

I added some homemade neon pom-poms to an IKEA belly basket and also created a neon word via a DIY post from Overatkates for my picture rail as little personal additions.

I’m happiest changing around our photos and prints above the sofa which is a few years old from Made.com but still as comfortable as when we first bought it.

In the future I would love to add more colour with a vibrant morrocan rug from East Unique and also perhaps add to the currently blank wall,  but so far so good! Oh Hey Jim!



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