Living Room Makeover- Before & After


Buying a house seems like the hard bit but once you have the keys, decorating can be massively daunting. This is especially so when you have lots of ideas to tie together on top of the incessant inspo from Pinterest and Instagram and all your packed-up items from your old home. You can easily start to question your prefered style but there is no need to panic…

My biggest advice is don’t feel you have to do everything at once – especially if you’re not sure how you want a room to look, haven’t a prefered style or are looking to make a big  change style-wise in your new house.

If you fancy a feature wall or going particularly bold whether it be wallpaper or paint, search hashtags of that nature on Instagram and see how other people have done it, how it looks and whether you would be happy with the new commitment.

Dont stress over having a big budget – I spray painted a lot of our home accessories we bought with us to sit in their new surroundings instead of buying new ones. Plus over time they are memories too so you don’t want to throw them away. Check out affordable homewear on the highstreet, ebay and also old furniture on Gumtree. Having everything new isn’t always the key. Taking your time to build up your accessories or furniture will make you feel more confident on your choices as they aren’t rushed.

Here are some before and after pics or my living room. Interesting to see how the previous owners styled it Vs my style!

There is no right or wrong way to decorate – just go with it and evolve your style in your own time!





The fun bit! Excuse Jim’s broken leg cast (caused by a run -in with a cow – he had to accustomise to rural living the hard way unfortunately)

**Walls – Dulux Gentle Fawn/ Ceiling – Dulux Brilliant White / Woodwork – Satin Gloss White**






Just a brighter and more “me” update!

Next time around I want to paint the two cabinets the same colour as the walls and also update the cushions with a more aztec/berber-style but for now its bright and light with my stamp on it.

Jim enjoying his new view below (leg fully recovered thankfully!)



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  1. I love your dark wood floors! I’m looking for something similar for my living/kitchen area. Are they real wood or wood effect?Thanks, Kat x


    1. missedcannon says:

      Hey Kat. It’s real wood but just plain new planks that are stained dark x


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